Corporate Labor Law

Corporate Labor Law

To fulfill its main objective of protecting workers, there are two ways of appreciating Collective Labor Law, on the one hand, establishing minimum and inalienable rights, viewed from the individual right of the worker and, on the other hand, the freedom of association that allows Workers can show themselves to the employer as one, recognizing them as the right to form unions, bargain collectively, reaching agreements that can be a benefit for all parties involved.

Based on the foregoing, with a correct understanding of the sources of labor and collective law, an improvement in working conditions can be achieved, which will also result in an economic gain for the employer, since, within a globalized economy , it has been understood that, the better working conditions of its workers, the greater the profits they report to the organization.

Our study has experience in this area, advising both small and large unions (2000 members), with them we seek to regulate in an effective and harmonious way the relations between the employer and his group or vice versa.

At  Abogados Consultores we support access to justice for employees and organizations that require an honest and quality defense.

Our services regarding this matter are:

  • Constitution and formation of trade unions.
  • Collective negotiations.
  • Anti-union practices.
  • Collective agreements.
  • Freedom of association or professional association.
  • Collective conflicts such as strike and
  • Reconciliation and arbitration. [/ list]
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