Labour Law

Labour Law

Being our area of expertise, in Becker lawyers we have an outstanding experience in labor issues, advising national and foreign clients, in different matters of the branch.

Within the framework of labor relations between employer and employee, conflicts may arise that compromise the rights of either party. Being able to produce unjustified dismissals, violation of fundamental rights, serious breaches of contract, non-payment of contributions, job insecurity, not respecting maternal jurisdiction or any violation of the contract or the right of the worker, for these cases, our team will direct the necessary actions to restore and indemnify the affected person.

Our commitment is to provide a reliable and quality service that allows our clients to feel represented in a pleasant way in a situation of obvious vulnerability. And, this has been demonstrated by hundreds of stories from our clients that place us as leaders in the market for labor legal services, proving that our work model inspired by our study philosophy is effective.

At Abogados Consultores we support access to justice for employees and organizations that require an honest and quality defense.


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